Amai Mugabe Junior School

Education center

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Administrator's Presentation

As the Administrator of the institution, I feel very much pleased and yet humbled to be part of the making of this state of the art educational facility. This educational complex has a total surface are....

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Headmaster’s speech

Welcome to the state of the art educational centre which offers holistic education to primary school students irrespective of .....Read more »

Contact Us

Address: Amai Mugabe Junior School

Head:      (263) 778-365677


Location:   Mazowe

Country:   Zimbabwe

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Boarding Facilities

Children enjoy utilising modern boarding facilities which offer them a comfortable home environment. The maids help in the making of beds, supervision of homework as well as attending to the students during meals. Highly qualified cooks and waiters prepare balanced meals and serve students in the dining halls respectively.


» Offers diverse curriculum including the learning of Chinese from ECD to grade 7.
» Offers value as classes have small teacher -pupil ratio.
» Offers e-learning and has a state of the art computer centre.
» Offers exquisite boarding facilities.
» Offers homework assistance.
» Encourages creativity.
» Offers a wide range of sporting activities.

Future Plans

We believe in continuity and we shall be opening up our high school very soon. Enquiries are on and parents are encouraged to visit the school's administration offices.

One of the dining halls for use by students during meal times

A view of the boarding facilities

The sick bay where children rest and receive medical attention when they are not well

School bus ferries students to the school from the boarding premises

Some of the ECD children in class

Computer lab showing state of the art computers