Amai Mugabe Junior School

Education center

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Administrator's Presentation

As the Administrator of the institution, I feel very much pleased and yet humbled to be part of the making of this state of the art educational facility....

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Headmaster’s speech

Welcome to the state of the art educational centre which offers holistic education to primary school students irrespective of .....Read more »

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Address: Amai Mugabe Junior School

Head:      (263) 778-365677


Location:   Mazowe

Country:   Zimbabwe

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We offer a wide range of afternoon activities, sporting, cultural and academic and as the 
school grows we expect the range to increase further. We expect our pupils to participate 
in a balanced programme of activities in addition to attending lessons. Apart from 
practices from usual team games, the following list gives some indication of clubs 
offered among others:
ƒ»        Debating
ƒ»        Public speaking
ƒ»        Athletics training
ƒ»        Karate
ƒ»        Quiz
ƒ»        Choirs
ƒ»        Orchestra Recorders
ƒ»        Chinese
ƒ»        French
ƒ»        Food science
ƒ»        Art
ƒ»        Book Club
ƒ»        Chess
ƒ»        Scripture union
ƒ»        Tennis
ƒ»        Swimming
ƒ»        Newsletter
ƒ»        Environment and tourism
»        Conservation club
ƒ»        Marimba
ƒ»        Cycling
ƒ »        Ballet dancing