Amai Mugabe Junior School

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Administrator's Presentation

As the Administrator of the institution, I feel very much pleased and yet humbled to be part of the making of this state of the art educational facility....

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Our Motto

Vincit Qui Partitur (He who perseveres conquers)

Welcome to the state of the art educational centre which offers holistic education to primary school students irrespective of .....Read more »

Contact Us

Address: Amai Mugabe Junior School

Head:      (263) 778-365677


Location:   Mazowe

Country:   Zimbabwe

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About Us


HIV and AIDS pandemic or its prevalence in the country has brought about a growing number of children being orphaned or abandoned. There was need therefore to establish a home and an educational centre for the children in order to give them a second chance in life. This move by the Founder is in comformity with the Children’s Act Chapter 5.06 as well as the supporting policy documents on the welfare and protection of the child. The Founder also saw it fit to compliment the president’s relentless efforts to ensure that sound education is accessed by all children from all the four corners of the country irrespective of colour, creed or ethnicity. It was this observation which prompted the conception and initiation of Amai Mugabe Junior School which officially opened its doors to the public on the 8th January 2014.


To produce responsible primary school champions in whom the foundations and skills necessary for future life have been laid or inculcated.


To provide high quality and relavant education to pupils in order to enhance their cognitive, physical and interpersonal relations that will see them fit well in the society.


Team work, cooperativeness, Commitment, Empowerment, Efficiency, Self Discipline, Quality and Emphathy.